Editor’s Picks: Phone Cases and Accessories

Every phone needs a case. Take it from my experience, I’ve learned my lesson after seeing a couple phones come and go.

There’s always a risk going without a case, and it seems the worst always happens when you least expect it. I’ve dropped my phone from the top of a set of stairs and it’ll go without a scratch, but dropping it from waist height on a grass lawn, like the day before my birthday last year (major fail), or off the side of your coffee table? That’s the end of the screen… Sighs.

Young woman picking up her smashed mobile

All that being said, there are simple, preventative measures to save your device. But I shouldn’t have to cell you on it, you probably already know the importance of cell phone protection. Maybe you or a loved one has been affected by the cracked or scratched screen epidemic sweeping the nation. In any case, there are some pretty cool, trendy phone cases and accessories that’ll dress up your phone, preventing it from cracks, or that’ll charge it midday while you’re away from home. All being obvious necessities, I’m sharing some of my top phone case and phone accessory picks that might save your phone for you and from you.



waterproof phone cse

We all know someone who has had to put their phone in a bowl of rice in hopes of saving it after having had it immersed in the pool or throwing it in the wash after having forgotten about it in your jean pocket (major fail #2). Rice manufacturers might not be so thrilled about the invention of waterproof phone cases, but it’s perfect for those travelling to a coastline or for those who just can’t be trusted around any body of water with their phone.


No need to shell out on the newest phone to keep on trend, stores like the Casery and Milkyway got you covered. You are sure to find a case you’ll want to cover with any phone you might have.


Illuminated cell phone case and bike cell phone case

The multi-tasker phone case does more than protect your phone, it serves you an additional purpose like allowing you to have the perfect lighting for a selfie wherever you are, anytime of day or allowing you to navigate or track calories burned while riding your bike.



When you’re on the go all day long, it’s pretty inevitable that you’ll run out of juice with all the apps you probably have running on your phone. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are not apologetic apps to your battery life, which is why portable chargers are there to have your back. These quirky ones in particular caught my eye like a big pizza pie.

Have any good phone fail moments to top mine? Do you bother with a phone case? If not I hope my anecdotes have swayed you otherwise!


Happy Shopping!


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