10 Tips to Win on Black Friday

Gone are the days of dragging yourself out of bed at the crack of dawn to fight crowds at Best Buy. In this day and age, there’s really no excuse to overpay for anything anymore. You can simply set your alarm clock and roll over onto your laptop to ensure a doorbuster deal. How easy is that? Very. But – there’s a few other things that might help you win your Black Friday game, and that’s where we come in.

1. Know when and where to shop


Different retailers can have different timing for Black Friday and throughout Thanksgiving weekend, so we suggest making a list and checking in with us on Facebook or Twitter to hear about the latest and greatest deals ahead of time.

2. Log on early


Remember that old saying “the early bird gets the worm”? Well it couldn’t be more true on Black Friday. Sign into Yroo, scope out your favorites, and stand by (with coffee).

3. Measure yourself


Are you looking to snatch up some great deals on apparel or shoes from your favorite brands? Even though retailers are getting better at online returns/exchanges, it’s a good idea to know what your sizes are.

4. Do your research


Start researching on Yroo for potential coupons, and add the products you want to buy to your favorites so we can automatically alert you when the price drops!

5. Stay fueled


Prep your coffee and breakfast the night before so you’re not distracted by yawns and stomach grumbles while clicking away!

6. Charge your devices


Be sure to charge your shopping devices whether it be your phone, tablet, or computer the night before so you don’t lose out on a great deal mid-shopping cart.

7. Locate your credit cards


This is supposed to be easy, remember? The last thing you want to be doing is running around the house looking for your credit card first thing in the morning.

8. Fact check


Be sure that you really ARE getting an awesome deal by using our Compare & Save view whenever possible.

9. Connection check


This seems obvious – but sometimes the most obvious things are the most overlooked. Take 5 minutes and check your internet connection the night beforehand.

10. Wear your most comfortable pj’s 

Woman having a cup of coffee in bed

The best way to win on Black Friday, is to do it like a boss. Kick your feet up in your cozy pajama pants, grab your coffee, grab your laptop, and win.

We hope this list has prepared you for an effortless and rewarding Black Friday! Because we all know how it could have gone…


Happy Black Friday Winning!


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