The Hottest Holiday Gifts to Buy this Weekend

Whether your smart shopping time has been carved out for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or (let’s be real here) ALL THANKSGIVING WEEKEND LONG – you must be wondering what the world’s largest and smartest shopping destination has waiting for you. Well, wonder no more!

It’s so easy to see what the real hot deals are with our super-smart price comparisons. Just click on the product you want to buy, and we’ll show you how much it’s going for from every online retailer you can think of.


So here are 10 hot holiday gifts you can knock off your list and save hundreds of dollars on this weekend!

1. A 4K TV


Alright this may be a bit excessive as a gift for anyone else but yourself.. But hey, with an average of $100-$300 in savings, how could you feel guilty?

2. A DSLR Camera


These Nikon’s for example, are expected to be discounted by $100-$200 on average.

3. Fitness Trackers


Whether you’re looking for a hot deal on an Apple Watch, a FitBit, a MisFit, an LG, a Bellabeat, a Garmin, or a Samsung – save somewhere between $20-$50.

4. Laptops


Save up to about $300 on a shiny new laptop and up to $400 on a (still perfectly good) refurbished one!

5. Drones


A little bird told us that the DJI Phantom 4 Drone will have hundreds of dollars knocked off on Black Friday.

6. Bluetooth Speakers


Like this UE Boom 2 speaker that you can save up to $100 on.

7. An Xbox One


Expect to save roughly $50 on Black Friday!

8. A Tablet


The iPad Air for example, will be around $100 off it’s usual price.

9. An eReader


Expect a savings of around $20 on the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite.

10. A Coffee Brewer


Save up to $80 on the Ninja Bar Brewer – many retailers will be dropping it to as low as $100.

We know you’ll be saving a ton with these hot holiday gifts that you were smart enough to scoop up (in the comfort of your own home, I might add) on the best weekend for deals out of the whole year. Now go ahead and add yourself to your holiday gift list with all that extra savings – you deserve it!

Happy shopping!


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