Gifts for Her

When it comes to crossing off the ladies on your list, it can sometimes feel overwhelming. On one hand, there are so many different types of products, brands, categories, or themes they may be into, you’re bound to find something! But on the other hand, what if you have TOO much to choose from? You often hear people complain about dudes being hardest to buy for – but we never think about the opposite situation when it comes to gals. So here are 10 great gifts for all the “hers” on your list.

1. This “Wonder Woman” Shirt


If there’s one thing most women love, it’s being women.

2. A Polaroid Mobile Printer


How many of your girlfriends growing up made a collage of all your best memories? I know I sure did! This little gem can print beautiful, full color photos taken with your phone using Bluetooth.

3. A Carry-On Cocktail Kit


For the women full of wanderlust in your life. Also makes for a great little stocking stuffer!

4. A S’well Bottle


With so many beautiful patterns and finishes to choose from, find a perfect (and practical) water bottle she’ll love.

5. Ugg Slippers


Really you’re giving the gift of warm, cozy, cute feet. Definitely a win!

6. A Kitchenaid Mixer


In her favorite color.

7. A Dyson Hairdryer


This gift will literally blow her away. *ba dum tss*

8. A Super-Cute Phone Case


Like this Gilmore Girls one from Casetify.

9. A Mermaid Blanket


Because deep down, every woman wants to be a mermaid.

10. A Nice, Big Tub of Nutella


Awwww yea. No shame.

We hope at least a couple of these great gift ideas help cross off some of the lucky ladies on your list, whether it be your girlfriend, wife, mom, sister, bestie, colleague, neighbor, teacher, sister-in-law, mother-in-law, niece.. you get the picture.

Happy shopping!


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