De-Bland Your Formal Wear at The Tie Bar

The humble necktie has been adding color and pizzazz to menswear since the 17th century, and while it has long abandoned its original purpose (actually keeping shirts tied shut), it doesn’t look like ties are going the way of the powdered wig anytime soon. And why should they, when the simplest way to bring personality and polish to your wardrobe is by adding affordable accessories from the astounding selection of neckties, bow ties, socks, and pocket squares available at The Tie Bar.

The Tie Bar

Fashionable dressing isn’t just about following the trends of the day, but finding out what you like and what gives you a sense of confidence. Because The Tie Bar offers such an unparalleled variety of colors, patterns, and fabric choices, you won’t need to compromise on your personal taste to find a tie you love. If you’re looking to push outside of your “solid colors only” comfort zone to give your suits some modern flair, don’t be afraid to try a floral or plaid tie, or even just a bold pocket square. You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes.

The Tie Bar neckties

In addition to regular and skinny neckties, you’ll also find a treasure trove of bow ties at The Tie Bar. Available in several shapes and high quality, eyecatching fabrics, these bow ties are perfect for adding visual interest to a button-down shirt. And because they’re so affordable, they make for a great stocking stuffer (you can get more than one!) or birthday gift. Paired with suspenders, The Tie Bar bow ties are also great for outfitting groomsmen in a trendy, semi-formal look.

The Tie Bar Bowtie

Keeping your tie in place (and out of the soup) is important, especially for formal events like weddings and Christmas parties, where food and drinks become a magnet for unsecured ties. By clipping on a tie bar from The Tie Bar, you’re not only adding a great finishing touch to your suit, you’re also saving your tie from potential stains and some embarrassing photos.

The Tie Bar

They say that the “clothes make the man“, and finishing touches are a great way to cultivate impressive style without much thought or effort. Wear an expensive suit with white sports socks, and the entire effect is gone. By adding a pair of The Tie Bar’s patterned socks, a richly-colored scarf, or a button lapel accessory to your outfit, you can go from feeling bland to impressive in less time than it takes to tie a tie.

The Tie Bar accessories

Life offers limited opportunities to get dressed up, and while your most formal clothes may not be your most comfortable, there’s nothing like the confidence boost that comes from treating yourself well and dressing to meet the occasion. So whether you’re buying yourself a necktie to impress your boss at the staff holiday party, or picking out a pair of cufflinks for a loved one, step up to The Tie Bar in the spirit of creativity. Life’s too short to wear a boring tie.

The Tie Bar neckties

Happy shopping!


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