Quirky Gifting Ideas

Recent popular culture has given some spotlight to and has popularized the “quirky” character; Chandler Bing from Friends or Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory immediately comes to mind. But even before the idea of quirky being cool, I’d say that I’ve always been pretty darn quirky. Let’s just take a moment to discuss my having a pun for basically every occasion and the knack I have for bringing up a bad joke or pun, mainly at inopportune moments…

Having said that and with December upon us (which by the way pinch me, how did this already happen?), I thought I’d have offer my personal expertise on the subject and suggest quirky things for gift giving this holiday season.

So I’ve put together a list for you of quirky, random things that your quirky friends or loved ones are sure to get a good giggle out of!

1. Decorative Fish Clock


A clock and a decorative piece at the same time — how ef(fish)ient!

Urbanily Hanging Fish and Pole Floor Clock

2. Wall Art That Says What You’re Thinking


I don’t know about you, but I’m inspired *sips G&T*

Urbanily Edgy Gallery Wall Art

3. For an Even Sunnier Side Up Egg


Make brunch great again.

Happy4Sales Sun Cloud Egg Shaper

4. A Treadmill for Your Dog


Because dogs have New Year’s resolutions too; new year, new dog bod.

AllRate Shopping Dog Treadmill

5. This Toy for Your Cat


With the endless entertainment it will bring, it’s really a toy for you in disguise.

Home Goods Galore Turbo Track Cat Toy

6. Clothing That Says What You’re Thinking


Because bacon is never overrated.

Shirtoopia Printed T-Shirt

7. The Ultimate Cat Feeder


It’s meant to be the solution to Whisker Stress (yes, it’s a thing).

Trendy Pet Whisker Stress Free Cat Feeder

8. Socks that Speak to Your Personality


Cheesy socks to match your cheesy puns!

Sock Season Cheese Sock

9. Kitchenware That Says What You’re Thinking


A mug that says it all.

Shirtoopia Coffee Mug


Happy gifting!


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