10 Super Stocking Stuffers

Although Santa gets it right most of the time, there’s always a few items we find in our stockings that are a little.. questionable. Okay let’s be real here, a lot of it is just plain junk. You know what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the pair of floral granny panties, or the dollar store hair elastics, or the 25 cent bar of soap (did that originally come from a hotel?!). So it’s time to put an end to crappy stocking stuffers, and replace them with super stocking stuffers! Since we know Santa is busy and all, here’s a list you guys can both use:

1. Beef Jerky


This is a winner every time. Try one of Krave’s awesome flavors or make your own with a food dehydrator!

2. Cards

playing cards.jpg

This seems boring but I assure you it’s not! Try Harry Potter themed cards, maybe another Cards Against Humanity expansion, etc.

3. Socks that will make you Happy


Like these ones from Happy Socks!

4. A Book Light


Compare and save on this super slick foldy one.

5. Glow Sticks


Every stocking needs at least ONE sorta useless thing. Useless until it’s midnight on New Years!

6. Lip Balm


So many options from great brands including Burt’s Bees, EosEos, Chapstick, Jack Black and more.

7. Chocolate


Try a Toblerone, a Terry’s chocolate orange, some Ferrero Rocher’s, a Ritter Sport, or a Lindt chocolate santa.

8. Drink Mixes and Accessories


Like Hot Cocoa, Emergen-C, Spiced Apple Cider, and one of these super cute handheld milk frothers!

9. Cell Phone Accessories


Like portable chargers, earbuds, cute cases, etc.

10. Altoids


A classic.

Some of these are classics, and some are brand new stocking stuffing ideas. But ALL of them are worth recieving on that magical Christmas morning.

Happy stuffing!


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