Cool Items We’ve Been Loving for Under $50

When I’m looking to buy something new online, and it really could be anything, I’m scouring the internet looking for reviews or recommendations. They call me ‘TMZ’ at the office for the investigative work I put into, well… Basically everything.


And I’m finally paying it forward! Myself and the Yroo team have decided to test out some cool items, and we’re sharing our faves! What’s more is that these items are budget friendly all being under $50. So starrrrt the car and let’s jump right in.

The Innovative Flybrella

Flybrella via buyzip

This super innovative item is an umbrella that closes upward. I bought the one with the bright blue lining. It has a red button that automatically opens the umbrella and it has a velcro wrap around closure, like most standard umbrellas.

But this umbrella is no standard one in the least bit — I used the Flybrella the other day to get home in the pouring rain and, admittedly, I’m shocked by how much I like it! It’s got a C-Shape handle so that it doesn’t slide off your wrist while carrying it around, it’s the perfect size to cover the area around you so that you don’t get wet in the rain, and it folds up so that when you close it, it doesn’t hit people or get in the way. To quote DJ Khaled, it’s a win, win, win.

Pineapple Phone Charger


Pineapple charger via Milkyway

Stepping your portable charger game up 10 notches! This pineapple portable charger from MilkyWay is pretty sweet, I must say. You almost want your phone to run out of battery mid-day just to show it off. I love that the pattern is on both the front and back of the item. Plus, checkout and shipping was a breeze and it came pretty quickly in the mail.

The only feature I wish for this product would be for it to have a green light indicator to show once it is fully charged. It’s no biggie because there’s a red light indicator that shows that it’s charging, so I just leave it charging overnight for use the next day!

Cozy Pizza Slice Shirt


Pizza Slice 3/4 Sleeve Shirt via iwouldwearthis.

You wear what you eat! This pizza shirt from iwouldwearthis. is casual and comfortable for both lounging at home or for going out and about. They also carry other comfy, food related apparel like hamburger hoodies and banana tees!

“It’s super soft and cozy, I would recommend  this shirt to anyone” — K.M

Trendy Polka Dot Socks


Polka Dot Socks via Sock Season

Sock Season delivers cozy socks that jazz up any outfit. I’ve personally been eyeing some of their other designs like their quirky cheese socks and their artsy starry night socks!

“Sock Season was fast to ship and they have great service. When I got the socks in the mail, I thought they might be too small, but they were nice and stretchy and they fit very comfortably!” — N.B

 What else do you want to see talked about that you can’t find online? These cool, underrated items nailed it for us, so there has to be more!

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Happy shopping!


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