Winter Weather Essentials, from Head to Toe

 Winter has fully stricken where I’m living, and it seems I forget how to dress and accessorize for what’s inevitable year after year: the cold weather. The time of year has finally seemed to hit where cold weather essentials, like your turtle neck apparel and winter weather accessories, are a must with the change in temperature. Whether you’re rushing out the door in the morning or heading out to a party, these items are essential this time of year to get you cold weather ready from head to toe!

Cold Weather Accessories: Beanie and Gloves

Touch Gloves via itFit, Fur Pom-Pom Beanie via Purple Butterfly Boutique

Not only great for a bad hair day, a beanie is outright practical for frigid days. The gloves are also a great touch to stay warm and to encourage non-stop typing and swiping.

 Lip Balm

L to R: Elizabeth Arden Lip Chap, History of Whoo Lip Balm, Original Chapstick

The change in season means dry lips and skin. Keeping moisturized will be a common theme with this thread, and it starts here with the solution to chapped lips, plus a top essential for me to survive winter: lip balm. It’s easy to toss in your purse or keep in your jacket pocket. The gold one made by History of Whoo has some pretty spectacular packaging, and positive reviews from what I see, but regular old chapstick of course will do the job!

Hair Mask


An end to dry ends, a hair mask can help treat your hair and prevent too much damage from the colder weather. A good hair mask can be found online, and there are also tons of at home remedies that you can use like your trusty coconut oil.


The Body Shop Body Butter and Clarins Moisturizer via Vlyvly Co.

Another on the go and at home must have. Dryer climate means dryer skin, so for the face, body, and hands, moisturizing is key. I can’t get enough of it this time of year. PRO tip: for any dry patches or extremely dry areas, at night apply your moisturizer to the area and seal it with vaseline overnight.

Hand Sanitizer


A good thing to keep on hand all year round, but with it being flu season it’s prime time to keep your hand sanitizer close by, especially after taking public transit or using public washrooms!

Sheet Mask


You won’t look particularly glamorous using them, but a sheet mask will help moisturize dry skin this time of year. They’ve become pretty popular, so the selection of masks seems to be endless. For dry skin, you’ll probably want to go for something like a honey mask or cucumber mask.

 Warm Socks

L to R: Inspirational Quote Socks via iwouldwearthis., Alpaca Heart Socks via Purely Alpaca, Holiday Sock Set via Sock Season

Nothing worse than cold feet! Warm, fuzzy socks made for all moods, attire, and occasions. They are also great stocking stuffers or gift add-ons seeing as it’s something you can never have enough of.

Stay warm!


Oh, and happy shopping!


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