10 Yroo Stores with Great Online Return Policies

Even though it’s supposed to be the thought that counts, there are times when we realize we’d be better off with something else. Simple as that. Whether we just can’t handle the sight of that sea-foam scarf, or maybe we have no choice because that phone case is for an iPhone 4, not my shiny new 7. Or maybe we really like those Ugg boots, but we wanted this style more. Whatever the reason is, don’t feel bad. Exchanging products online has never been easier – here’s the inside scoop on 10 great Yroo stores (and Aunt Agnus will never have to know!)

1. Nordstrom


Even if you’ve bought everything online, Nordstrom provides free return shipping (just print out the label), or you can take the item back to a local store.

2. Target


Most products bought online can be returned to your local store – but to be 100% sure, check the “shipping & returns” tab before you buy.

3. Gap


Returns are free if you use GAP.com’s prepaid return shipping labels. You can find the instructions to get a free return shipping label on their website.

4. JC Penney


All you have to do is complete the “returns or exchange” form on the invoice and return it with the item. If you can’t find the invoice, just send your name, address, phone number, and the approximate date of purchase with the item and mail it to the jcp.com facility nearest you!

5. Macy’s


Macy’s really couldn’t make it any easier.

6. Kohl’s


Kohl’s employees can look up any purchase made in the last 12 months (online or in-store) to give you a full refund. In other words, if your dog ate your receipt you’re still good!

7. Saks Fifth Avenue


If you want to make an exchange, you’ll receive a refund for the returned merchandise as soon as it is processed. Standard shipping will be provided free of charge on your new order.

8. Best Buy


Electronics are notorious for being difficult to return (even in person) due do their high value and ability to be tampered with in a short amount of time. But, Best Buy makes it as painless as possible – almost every purchase made throughout November and December can be returned through January 15, 2017. Get the pre-paid return label here.

9. Asos


You can return anything within 28 days, including sale items. In the US it’s free and fully trackable. Just fill out the Returns form enclosed with your order and use the label provided to send back via USPS.

10. Amazon


You can return most new, unopened products within 30 days of delivery for a full refund. You can exchange a product for an Amazon gift card (which means you get an offer immediately, ship your item for free, and get the gift card). Cool.

Happy Returning!


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