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Santé! Prost! Salud! Cheers! No matter where you come from or how you say it, life offers plenty of opportunities (aside from New Year’s Eve just around the corner) to raise a glass to good health, warm wishes, and happy futures. Our biggest and best celebrations often have us breaking out a bottle (or five) of the bubbly to toast our friends and family. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and graduations call for extra special drinks for extra special people, and now you can even get your glassware in on the shenanigans with fun, celebration-ready wine and shot glasses from Slant Collections.

Slant Collections wine glasses

Stemless wine glasses from Slant Collections are perfect for keeping your drink in your glass, even when your balance goes the way of your dignity (hey, it was you who wanted to do karaoke, not us). Without fragile stems, these glasses will also be easier to wash, and because they come in tons of hilarious and vibrant styles, your guests will easily be able to keep track of their unique glass all night long. Modern gold typography give these glasses an un-stuffy,  party-worthy look that your guests will love.

Slant Collections wine glasses

If wine is your one true love, then Slant Collections can help you shout your romance from the rooftops (okay, tabletops) with glasses that will profess your undying affection for the good ol’ fermented grape. Anytime can be wine time when you’ve got the right glass for the job—hey, it’s wine o’clock somewhere. Paired with a bottle of vino and a Slant Collections tote, a set of these glasses will make the perfect gift for sommelier pals and wine-loving amateurs alike.

Slant Collections wine glasses

While wine glasses might be the best way to make a toast (the clink is just so satisfying), there are some places where breakable glass becomes just a little too dangerous. If you want to keep glass shards and spilled wine out of the hot tub or away from the white couch, then a set of Slant Collections acrylic wine glasses (with straws and lids) might be the solution for you. Perfect not only for wine, but for any kind of cool drink, these unbreakable glasses will make your summer picnics and camping adventures relaxed and worry-free.

Slant Collections wine glasses acrylic

Wedding season will be upon us in the blink of an eye, and Slant Collections has tons of great gift options for the fun-loving bride and groom. Shot glasses, wine glasses, and mugs with “Mr. & Mrs.” labels will help your favorite lovebirds toast each other ever day.  And if your own wedding is coming up soon, then these “Team Bride” shot glasses might make the perfect gift for your attendants.

Slant Collections wedding glasses mugs shot

It’s always a good idea to drink in moderation, but if you do happen to over-indulge from time to time, your Slant Collections coffee mug will be your indispensable hangover companion.  Get a mug to remind you that “you are the best” even when you’re feeling your worst. After all, great celebrations only happen a few times a year, and Slant Collections hopes that you make the most of them. We’ll drink to that. 

Slant Collections mugs


Happy shopping,
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