Bring The World’s Most Beautiful Scents to Your Living Room with Voluspa

Creating a warm and welcoming space in your house is about more than choosing the right paint colors, or covering your couch with soft throw pillows.  Every home has a unique atmosphere created by many factors, including layout, decor, and believe it or not, even smell. We all know the scent of our favorite meal cooking on the stove, and can become nostalgic if we get a whiff of our grandmother’s perfume. Beautiful, comforting scents can make your home feel like an oasis, and gorgeously packaged candles from Voluspa are the perfect way to wish an elegant “welcome” to both you and your guests.

Voluspa candle

Designed and manufactured in California, Voluspa candles are made with care using only the finest ingredients. Unlike many other candle-makers, Voluspa uses a unique, clean-burning coconut wax blend to help extend the life of your candle and to preserve the beautiful fragrance notes that make Voluspa candles so special. Stunning containers made with embossed glass or beautiful floral tins make Voluspa candles a beautiful addition to your home’s decor, and a great gift for housewarming parties, birthdays, and weddings.

Voluspa candle

Exotic, luxurious scents define the Voluspa brand—you’ll find no undetectable vanilla or overpowering cinnamon smells here. Signature scents like Prosecco Rose, Crisp Champagne, and Baltic Amber offer subtle, complex notes just like the finest perfumes. A selection of candles around the house or on the dinner table will offer a beautiful smell and a warm, cozy light for many hours, and the clean-burning wax and cotton wicks will ensure no cleanup from soot or smoke.

Voluspa candle

You can easily shop for Voluspa candles be series or by scent, which means that it’s simple to buy matching sets of a perfume or a container style that you like. The Japonica collection conjures images of a Japanese garden, while the Maison Noir collection offers rich scents in black glass or boldly patterned tin. You can stock up now on Voluspa’s Holiday collection now for scents that will be beautiful all winter long, or great for next year’s celebrations.

Voluspa candle

If you’d love for your home to have a beautiful smell but are concerned about leaving candles burning in your absence, then Voluspa’s fragrant oil diffusers and scented mists are just the thing.  Spray as little or as much scent as you like throughout the house, or leave your Voluspa diffuser in a main room or bathroom to release fragrance for up to six months at a time. Much more inexpensive than visiting a Paris parfumerie, and less time consuming than taking a trip to an orange grove, Voluspa can help you bring some of the loveliest smells in the world right to your very own living room. With a Voluspa candle burning away, we bet the first thing you’ll want to do when you get home is take a deep, cleansing breath. Ah.

Voluspa spray

Voluspa diffuser

Happy shopping!


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