Day-to-Day Makeup You Can Wear to the Gym

It’s the New Year and our New Years resolutions motivate us to start the year off strong. And while they’re undeniably cliché, New Years Resolutions do act as a reminder of things I really should be doing. I like to start with the all-time basic goal to go more to the gym and to carve out a consistent workout routine for myself.

It usually pans so that I’ll go straight to the gym from work, which means I also have a full face of makeup from the work day when I go for my workout.  I rarely will remove my makeup before my routine — I know, maybe not the greatest for my skin, but you never know who you’ll meet at the gym! Kidding, I just want to get the workout over with and don’t make time to take off my work glam. Also for many, wearing makeup to the gym might give you that little bit of extra confidence to kill your workout.

So if you’re like me and workout with makeup on, choosing the right beauty routine will be important so that you’re makeup doesn’t completely melt off mid-cardio.

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It doesn’t make me an expert, but I do indulge in watching makeup and beauty routines on YouTube, and it’s a guilty pleasure indeed. So today I’m offering suggestions and my personal tips and tricks for skin healthy, easy day-to-day makeup that will last you the day and into at least most of your workout.

The key players

Day-to-Day makeup starts at the essentials, which varies for everyone. I personally can’t live without mascara, concealer, lip balm, and some sort of brow product, which is my bare minimum routine if I’m rushing out the door. I’ll add a BB cream or tinted moisturizer, bronzer, highlighter, and eyeliner in the mix for a more complete look, yet a still simple enough look for day to day.

From L to R: Water Resistant Concealer (from Goddess Cosmetics), History of Whoo Lip Balm (from VlyVly Co.), Water Resistant Mascara (from Goddess Cosmetics)

Use long-lasting, lightweight products

Regardless of what products you decide you need in your day to day looks, you’ll want them to be a long lasting formula that doesn’t look too heavy for the office or the gym. Lightweight foundation and concealer are your best bets for a fresh day to day look while still looking put together and long wearing, smudge proof, transfer proof formulas will ensure that your makeup doesn’t wear off in smears and smudges.

TIP: To make your heavier foundation lighter, mix it with an illuminator or moisturizer. This will sheer out the product, making it more lightweight and in doing so, you’re also stretching out the use of your heavier concealer or foundation and getting more wear out of the product. If you have dry skin, mixing a dewy illuminator will give you a J-LO glow and give your heavier foundation a lighter look, while still keeping its long-lasting qualities from the formulation of the foundation.

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Try: Goddess Cosmetics Sheer Glo Illuminating Lotion

Ingredients for healthy skin

They say it’s not the best thing for your skin to wear makeup while working out as it might clog your pores, but to mitigate this you can use beauty items with ingredients that are good for your skin. Some qualities to look for are non-comedogenic, oil-free products.

TIP: Use a primer to create a barrier between your skin and the makeup so as to extend wear time further and so that the foundation doesn’t settle into lines and pores.


Try: Goddess Cosmetics Camera Ready Facial Primer

Happy glamming!

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