10 Gifts that Could Use a Yroo Upgrade

If you didn’t catch our recent blog post about the biggest stores on Yroo that have great online return/exchange policies, let me give you the scoop in a nutshell: it’s usually as easy to return things bought online these days as it was to buy them in the first place. Whether your gift(s) came from Target, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Kohl’s, Best Buy, Amazon, you name it – where there’s a will there’s a way to return/exchange it for something well.. better.

1. Like these Ugg boots that are super cute, but you really wanted the taller ones.


2. Or this Kitchenaid coffee maker you got from dear Uncle Willy, but your apartment is very small, so you’d rather have a Nespresso Pixie.


3. These cute yoga pants, but you really like these ones from Alo Yoga.


4. This cute holiday-themed phone case, but now Christmas is over.


5. This salt lamp, but you prefer this dope globe shape instead.


6. This very warm and cozy Vikings hat, but you’re actually a Steelers fan.steelersbeanie.jpg

7. This pack of Fruit of the Loom socks, when you know you could have super warm and cozy Alpaca socks.


8. You’re so glad you got a Fitbit, but you know you wanted the special edition lavender rose gold one.


9. This pretty sleek deep fryer that you don’t want to touch in order to keep your New Year’s resolution, so you look for a Vitamix blender instead.


10. Maybe your dog’s bed is just fine, but what he really needs is a good travel bag.


And there you have them! 10 great ideas to upgrade your Christmas gifts before it’s too late. Just keep the usual returning practices in mind, like not wearing/damaging the item, and providing as much as you can in terms of receipts, tags, and information on who originally made the purchase in case they can be looked up on file. Now go and get what you really want – there’s nothing wrong with making the most of things!

Happy upgrading!


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