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New years call for new adventures, and with 2017 just underway, you might be starting to think about all of the travel opportunities the next twelve months will bring. Winter getaways at the beach, work travel, and spring break all lie ahead, and whether your next journey will have you packing ties and pocket squares, or just bikinis, you’re going to need some great luggage to get you where you need to go. And if you’re planning to fly anywhere this year, don’t waste another second dragging around that unprotected soft luggage with the wonky wheel. Instead, choose the timeless yet practical aluminum and polycarbonate luggage from Rimowa.

Rimowa luggage

Unlike plastic hardshell luggage, which can be heavy and easily scratched, Rimowa’s high-tech polycarbonate is extremely tough, flexible and lightweight.  Designed with modern sensibilities and old school sophistication, there’s no way cases from Rimowa will be falling out of fashion anytime soon.  Available in multiple colors (classic silver, stealth black, elegant green), and in an incredible variety of sizes and designs, this is the perfect luggage for virtually any traveler.

Rimowa jet green

Inspired by the streamlined grooves of vintage aircraft, Rimowa’s aluminum line has been satisfying world travelers since the 1930s. Sturdy and produced meticulously by hand, there’s a reason flyers buy these suitcases year after year. Modern elements, like a TSA-friendly lock that will allow airport security (but not fellow travelers) to easily search your luggage without damaging the case itself, will reduce headaches for business travelers who spend their work weeks passing through busy airports.


Racing to catch a flight with luggage that has a mind of its own can be a real source of travel trauma, but Rimowa’s patented Multiwheel System™ will keep you maneuvering with ease. Beautiful interior details, like built-in garment bags and flex-dividers, will help keep your items tightly packed while also protecting delicate clothes and souvenirs from damage. Whether you’re bringing along everything but the kitchen sink, or just a tiny carry-on, your items will be sure to make it safely to their destination.

Rimowa electronic tag

For the truly cutting-edge globetrotter, Rimowa has developed an incredible electronic tag, the very first digital check-in system for luggage. Integrated technology will allow you to check baggage right from your cell phone, and flight data will then be displayed directly on your Rimowa suitcase so that when you reach the airport, all you have to do is drop off your case and head to the nearest airport lounge. With new airlines slated to adopt this technology soon, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get ahead of the game, even if on your next trip you end up using the good old-fashioned paper tag. If your New Year’s resolution was to try to new things, then wouldn’t bringing your new Rimowa luggage to places you’ve never been be a great way to start?


Happy traveling!


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