10 Necessities For The Ultimate Super Bowl Viewing Party

It’s time to tackle how to host the ultimate Super Bowl viewing party! With these 10 necessities, you’re guaranteed a win no matter what side you’re cheering for.

Plus, after this party, your friends might even start calling you MVP.



You could find a way to dress up like this guy or if you’d like something a little easier we have earrings, cufflinks, scarfs, socks and of course any jersey you could imagine!

BBQ Equipment

Is it really a Super Bowl party without a BBQ? Get your tools, BBQ covers, oven mitts and, so you don’t get that jersey dirty, an apron.

Your Team Chair


They don’t call it the “Big Daddy Recliner” for nothing…

So, now that we know where you’ll be sitting, you might want to get some foldable chairs for everybody else at the party…



Whether you’re looking for pint glasses, beer mugs or rocks and shot glasses, there are so many ways to rep your team!

Beer Pong Table


Beer pong is always a great way to get the party started by inserting a little competition into the mix. The best part is this kind of thing works no matter what kind of party you’re having. But, if you’re looking for something that takes up a little less room, Drinko would be ideal!



We don’t mean to state the obvious but just in case…

Wall Decals


These can be easily removed once the Super Bowl is over or, if you’re allowed, you can make them a permanent fixture.



These metal coasters will not only look great at your Super Bowl party but they are a stylish way to show your colors all year round. Don’t worry if you’re not a fan of those, we have SO much more!

The Food


If football isn’t for some of your guests than you can definitely make sure the food is something they have to look forward to. For example, any cookie using these cookie cutters would definitely be a hit!

Plus, to make your life easier while also staying on theme, you can get some branded paper plates and napkins.

Drinks Cooler


Not all of us have a massive fridge but you understandably don’t want a warm beer to ruin the party. Getting a few of these drink coolers can solve that Super Bowl party dilemma for years to come!

A great little gift for all your guests could also be their own take home beer koozie.

Well, now that you’ve got what you need sit back, try and relax, and GO team!



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