Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him Based On Your Relationship Status

We know that the pressure to come up with a good Valentine’s Day gift is extremely high. Pretty much at any stage of a relationship, Valentine’s Day has the potential to ruin EVERYTHING. We’ve all heard the horror stories from our friends about how not getting the right gift, not getting a gift at all or, getting a gift that is way too nice, has all sent their guys running for the hills. With this list, we hope to help guide you in the right direction so you can avoid this common relationship pitfall. Whether it’s a new relationship, you’re basically married, or everything in between, we’ve got the right gifts for every stage of your relationship.


When you just started dating a guy, you don’t want to give it all away too soon. Doing that could end in total disaster. So, what is a girl to do? Keep things simple and avoid any awkwardness by steering clear of anything too sentimental or expensive.

Try looking for: chocolate or jerky, socks, a book, a board game, texting gloves, a travel mug and or even a nice candle for his place.


Yay, you’ve now gotten “the talk” out of the way! Now’s the time to show him how much you care and enjoy having him around. Show him you care with a gift that is simple yet thoughtful.

Try looking for: a beer kit, BBQ tools, cologne, custom glassware, grooming kit, tie or pocket square, a carry on cocktail kit or even a nice belt.


Since you’ve been together for a while now you’re pretty good at judging your guy’s tastes, right? Show him how much you’ve been listening by picking out a great gift that’s going to stick around.

Try looking for: wireless headphones, a coffee machine, a pair of cozy sweats, a portable speaker, a decanter with matching rocks glasses, a cashmere scarf,  a leather passport holder and maybe a “personal assistant“?


Now that you’re basically an old married couple (fine, only a little bit), the pressure to give the ultimate gift is a little less scary. But just because you know this won’t make or break your relationship doesn’t mean you should get lazy. Get your guy a classic gift that will be sure to impress.

Try looking for: a nice watch, a leather jacket, nice boots, a work bag, sunglasses that float, a record player and maybe some new underwear.

Now, stop stressing about it and get him something that’s just right!




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