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Nostalgia Electrics has bacon lovers drooling with the launch of the Bacon Express. If you haven’t seen or heard about it, the Bacon Express is a griddle in the shape of a toaster. The bacon drapes over the top of the hot plate and the sides fold up while the bacon crisps to perfection.


Basically Nostalgia Electrics has made your dreams come true with the Bacon Express, which has recently spawned a frenzy all over the internet of people talking about this unique, handy gadget! It’s a must have item for the next coming weeks if you’re hosting a Super Bowl party or if you’re planning to make breakfast in bed this Valentine’s Day. In this post, I discuss it’s claims, what people are saying about it, and where you can find a Bacon Express.

The Claims

According to the Nostalgia Electrics website, the Bacon Express claims to be a healthier, more convenient way to cook bacon. It cooks up to 6 strips at a time and because the product is vertical, the grease drains down into the removable drip tray.

Video Credit: The LAD Bible

I see this being the perfect tool for those who love cooking and for couples or those living alone who want a convenient way to cook small batches of bacon. From breakfast in bed for two or hosting a grease free party, it looks like quite the convenient kitchen gadget!

What People Are Saying About The Bacon Express & Where to Find One for Your Kitchen

There does seem to be quite a mix of opinions reading the Bacon Express comments and reviews. Some rave about the convenience factor and being able to perfectly cook bacon without hassle, while others are not so impressed by their either undercooked or burnt bacon using the product.

 Here’s where to find what people are saying

Amazon Reviews: 38 Reviews Total, Average 3.5/5 Stars

Boston Store Review: 1 Review Total, 5/5 Stars


Because this product is such a new concept, perhaps it will take a bit of trial and error to figure out and adjust the settings.  Though the only way to truly find out is if you give it a try, you bacon lover you. Only a handful of retailers currently carry the Bacon Express, so check out our price comparison to see which retailer has it for the best price!

(Side note: Is it just me or is reading reviews, especially reading reviews for quirkier products, among some of the best features the internet has to offer? Shoutout to BaconLuver from Bacontown, USA)

So will you be makin’ bacon with the Bacon Express?

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