The Best In Pizza Themed Items on Yroo

In a few short days, pizza lovers will have an even better reason to order their favorite all-hours meal. Doughn’t you know, February 9th marks the annually celebrated, National Pizza Day!

Wheres the Pizza.gif

To commemorate this special day, in addition to having a real slice of (or whole) pizza, we’ve listed some of the best pizza themed items we could find on Yroo for that extra pizzaz. Yes, cheesy. I know….

A Trendy Pizza Coin Purse

Need something to put the tip money in for the person delivering your pizza?


Anya Hindmarch Gold Pizza Coin Purse via Shopbop

Search on Yroo: “Pizza coin purse

A Pizza Pool Float

Now’s a great time to get off season prices and deals on summer items like this pool float!


Pizza Pool Float compared from 4 stores

Search on Yroo: “Pizza float

A Pizza Fleece Blanket

Netflix and chill with a cozy pizza blanket. Actual pizza and Netflix not included.


Pizza Fleece Blanket via

Search on Yroo: “Pizza blanket

A Pair of Pizza Cat Socks

The best of all worlds to keep your feet warm with pizza, cats, and tacos.

Taco Cat Socks via Mopixie Store

Search on Yroo: “Pizza socks

A Pizza Bag

Great timing for both National Pizza Day and Valentine’s Day, especially if you prioritize pizza over boyfriends.

WiFi Pizza Bag via Emazing Fashion

Search on Yroo: “Pizza bag

A Pizza Apple Watch Wristband

To make sure your pizza arrives on time.


Pizza My Heart Apple Watch Band via Casetify

Search on Yroo: “Pizza watch

A Pizza Flavored Snack

Great in case you can’t commit to ordering a pizza but still want a pizza snack. Or if you want something to compliment your freshly delivered pizza…


Xplosive Pizza Flavored Goldfish via Tal Depot

Search on Yroo: “Pizza goldfish

A Pizza Onesie

A comfy onesie kicked up a notch.


Charlotte Pizza Print One Piece via

Search on Yroo: “Pizza onesie

Pizza String Lights

To decorate your living room, kitchen, front door, bedroom, or to trim your Christmas tree. Very festive.


Ankit Pizza Lights via Tillys

Search on Yroo: “Pizza lights

A Cute Pizza Plush

Can you tell there’s a theme here with the cats and pizza? This would be just a cute addition to your bedroom decor.


Pusheen Pizza Plush via Macy’s

Search on Yroo: “Pizza plush

Hope you all have your favorite pizza delivery on speed dial and your order ready for the big day!

~~ That feel when the pizza has finally been delivered~~

Happy National Pizza Day!


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