Introducing Deal A.I.: Yroo’s Smart Deal Finder

Discover top deals with absolute ease with the all-new Deal A.I.: your smart deal finder powered by machine learning and data driven insights, bringing you all the best deals in one place.

With Yroo’s new Deal A.I., find never-before-seen prices for top rated products.

Deals Tailored to You

When you first arrive to Deal A.I., we’ll ask you to select 3 topics (or more) so we can better tailor your deals to your interests.

All deals in “My Deals” will be based on the topics you select and as the machine learns more about you and your interests, it will better personalize items based on your actions. 

The more you use Deal A.I., the better the machine will be able to find products personalized to you.


Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Deal A.I. selects top rated products often with never-before-seen prices. The deals selected by Deal A.I. are based on qualitative and quantitative factors to ensure the deals you see are not only good prices today, but are rare deals that you might not find for a while.

Deal A.I. is a data driven machine that chooses the best and rarest deals. Through an analysis of past prices, price fluctuations over time, percentage drop, and other smart indicators, Deal A.I. saves you time by pulling together top deals all in one place.yroo-deal-ai-deal-finder

Explore Top Deals

What if you’re gift shopping during the holidays, for a birthday, or just because? “All Deals” was designed for your gift shopping needs or just for discovering all the new top deals Deal A.I. selects on a daily basis.

Narrow products in “All Deals” by category in the “Filters” dropdown where you can sort by categories and easily find a great gift for a great price.


Now you can see it to believe it.

Download the Yroo app in the Play Store, or update your Yroo app, to discover Deal A.I. on your Android. Hang in there iOS, we haven’t forgotten about you. Soon Deal A.I. will be available on the App Store, stay tuned!

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