Shoptalk: Getting The Most Out Of The World’s Largest Retail And E-Commerce Conference

With the massive growth of e-commerce over the past decade, it has been increasingly important for those working in retail and adjacent industries, like tech and the media, to stay on top of the latest information and trends related to the changing landscape of sales and consumer behavior. One of the most important venues for doing so is the Shoptalk conference taking place in Las Vegas from March 18-21 this year, where some of the most important players in the retail world will come together to discuss the future of retail.

This year’s Shoptalk conference provides an environment where investors, retailers, start-ups, tech companies, analysts, and media to explore the challenges and opportunities the retail industry is currently experiencing. The conference is unique in that it is bringing together professionals from both the United States and Europe to create the industry’s first truly global conversation about the latest trends and technologies. After a successful 2017 conference, attendance has blossomed, with 7,500 industry leaders expected to come this year — an increase of 40%.  

As a tech company that bridges a gap between online shoppers and retailers by finding the best deals,  we are excited by the possibilities this year’s conference has to offer.

The emphasis of the conference will be on building collaborations and evolving the industry through learning. Perhaps more importantly, the conference will create an ecosystem that embraces innovation by bringing together passionate and knowledgeable industry players to work together to solve the challenges currently facing retail. By helping customers search and compare prices from various online retailers, and by creating a shopping experience that provides customers with sophisticated tools for navigating the online marketplace. Yroo exists at the interstices of many of the movements shaping modern retail, and we are committed to continuing to explore new possibilities with the retail partners.    

Getting the most out of the Shoptalk conference means viewing it not merely as an opportunity to encounter the latest industry news and hear what business leaders from companies like Google and Macy’s have to say about the current state of retail, but as an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals to explore new opportunities for collaboration and innovation.

Much has been made of the disruptive nature of many new shopping technologies. E-commerce is fundamentally reshaping how Americans shop, and for companies and firms that are able to take advantage of the new markets and new opportunities these disruptions create, the possibilities are endless. Being able to connect with industry leaders who share a commitment to providing innovative solutions to the needs of customers and business partners is an invaluable chance to be part of a conversation that is driving unprecedented growth in the retail economy.

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The retail market is seeing rapid change, and this has raised many questions about the direction and future of the retail industry. Is retail dying, as some commentators have claimed, or is e-commerce simply reconfiguring how the relationship between shoppers, products, and outlets? Will e-commerce deliver the fantastic growth that is being projected, or will it level off as the industry stabilizes? Anyone working in retail or e-commerce should be engaged in these conversations, and by far the best forum for exploring them is the upcoming Shoptalk conference.

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