The Best Camping Tents on Yroo

Spring is upon us and good times are to be had! And even if camping isn’t really your thing, there are so many reasons people are getting outdoors and experiencing nature in a real, affordable, and environmentally conscious way. Maybe you need a tent for that music festival coming up or you don’t want to fight for a couch at the end of the prom after-party. Maybe you read Wild and you’ve been inspired to hike the PCT, camping along the way. Maybe you actually really hate the idea of sleeping on the ground, outside, with the creepy crawlers and even bears but bae has invited you on his annual family camping trip and you have to go so you’ll need the BEST bug and bear-proof tent on the market. Whatever the reason, we’ve got a tent for you!

Camping Tents Embark

Camping Tents Embark tent, light grey.

Here is a tent for the non-frequent camper. With one window, two doors, and a small screened porch area big enough to keep your shoes dry, it’s your perfect basic tent. And with a setup time of 2 minutes, you can’t go wrong!

 Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Screened Tent

Coleman 6 person tent.

 This is our most popular tent. It’s well made, it’s a well-known brand, and its got a great price tag. 

Marmot Limelight 3P Tent 
Limelight Marmot tent

For the serious camper, this tent is one of the best. It’s very lightweight and great for kicking back after a day spent fishing, hiking, or mountain biking. It also has a huge door so you can get in easily after a few swigs of whiskey by the campfire. 

Campmor Wenzel Blue Ridge 2 Room Family Tent

Wenzel 2 room family camping tent.

This is the perfect family tent. It comes with a divider to separate the tent into two rooms giving the parents and kids some privacy. It’s spacious, affordable, and great for a family going on their first camping adventure.

 Mountain Hardwear Space Station Tent
Orange Space Station Tent.

Just in case you’re going to the arctic and want to spend $5500 on a tent, there’s the 15 person, 4 season space station tent! Used on base camps as communication centers, dining halls, and medical rooms, the highly durable space station tent can withstand high altitudes and windstorms. Yeah, it’s serious. 

 Eureka Hex Screen House

Eureka Hex Screen House tent.

Great for keeping the bugs out at the family cottage. With this tent, you can bring a picnic table inside and play some cards all night long!

 Napier Sportz SUV Tent with Screen Room

Napier Sports SUV tent that attaches to your truck.

This tent is pretty cool! It can wrap around the cargo area of your vehicle, allowing for extra sleeping spaces or storage. No more hassle of unzipping your tent and then zipping it back up and then walking over to your vehicle to get something!

A few things to keep in mind

  • When you read the descriptions of these tents, you’ll notice they will indicate how many people they sleep. But they’re lying! A good rule of thumb: minus two people from however many they say. So if a tent says it sleeps 6, only account for 4.
  • All tents are extremely flammable! Never light a candle in a tent or set up your tent where sparks from a fire could land on the polyester material.
  • Always look for a smooth patch of grass to set your tent up. Try to avoid rocks, tree roots, or caved in land as water could build up underneath your tent!
  • And if it does rain, makes sure you let your tent dry before packing it away for a long period of time.

With specialty stores like Orvis, Under Armour, Backcountry and The Sportsman’s Guide plus the go-to’s like Kmart and Target all in one place, Yroo is a great place to get all your camping and outdoor gear. Plus, by refining your search and using our filters you can compare products from each store and get the best price!

To browse through more of our best tents, head to Yroo now.

Dog in a pop-up pet tent.

Happy Camping!