Top 10 Health and Wellness Must-Haves for 2016

It’s February, and even though it can feel like the longest month of the year, it will be Spring before we know it. So what better time than now to start investing in your health and well-being! We’ve even put together a list of 10 hand-picked wellness products you can shop smart for on Yroo, and pick up some health tips along the way.

1. Water Bottle with Charcoal Filter

Jug of water with a charcoal filter.

This glass bottle from Food52 (one of our favorite new Yroo stores), is so simple yet so effective. Firstly it’s glass, so you never have to worry about cancer causing chemicals in plastics such as BPA, and secondly the piece of charcoal can be used for up to 6 months and stays locked into place inside the bottle. Turns out, the Japanese have used charcoal to filter their water for centuries as it filters any tap water into pure, clean water!

2. A lunchbox for grownups

Organized bento style lunchbox with a variety of healthy snacks.

The Bentology Leakproof Bento Lunchbox makes eating lunch fun again, and easy to portion control as well as make sure you’re eating a balanced, nutritional meal. Find yours on Amazon through Yroo before your co-workers do!

3. A Humidifier

Desktop humidifier.

Great for your home or office, this small, uniquely designed humidifier adds a combination of moisture and relaxation to your workspace or bedroom, which combats both winter dryness and stress. This is one of our favorite health products because it’s so space efficient – we even have one at the Yroo office!

4. The Blendtec Blender

Blendtec blender on the kitchen counter.

This isn’t just any blender. It’s the Blendtec! Soaring in popularity mainly due to its crazy amount of horsepower which allows it to turn practically anything into a silky smoothie, the Blendtec is our favorite blender of 2016. Exceed your daily nutritional goals easily with the Blendtec. What’s your #blendteccyclecount?

5. Terrariums

Terrarium arrangement.

The home is a sanctuary! Not only is your physical and nutritional wellness important for human health, but so is your psychological wellness. As people invest more in their personal spaces, plants can contribute by improving air quality and mood. Plus you can get creative!

6. Cast Iron Cookware

Le Cuistot case iron enamel pot.

Lodge cast iron skillet with brussle sprouts.

It’s time to make a shift in the world of induction cookware from non-stick, cancer-causing coatings to good old cast iron! They are heavy duty, great for even heat distribution, they’re incredibly versatile, and they will last a lifetime. Check out brands like Le Creuset and Lodge on Yroo for a good starting point. If you decide to go with the raw cast iron, make sure you take good care of it!

7. Coconut Oil

Raw coconut oil.

Ok, so maybe this isn’t the latest wellness must have for 2016, it’s been in health news for quote some time. But it’s worth a mention because it’s basically sent from the heavens. It has almost endless uses and health benefits including for cooking and baking as a substitute for butter or vegetable oils, moisturizer for the skin, hair and nails, as a makeup remover that doesn’t make your eyeballs feel like they’re shrivelling up and falling out, as a diaper cream, a bug repellent, lip balm, and it goes on and on.

8. The Bellabeat LEAF

Woman wearing the stylist Bellabeat LEAF tracker.

The Bellabeat LEAF Activity Tracker is a great alternative to the Fitbit. It’s a fashionable tech gadget you’ll actually want to wear!

9. Crock Pot Lunch Warmer

Woman putting her leftovers into the Crock Pot lunch warmer.

Another personal favorite by the Yroo team, this Crock Pot lunch warmer is amazing for bringing leftovers to the office and saving money. Plus, you won’t be known as the “microwave hog” since it heats your lunch up slowly all morning long. Yum.

10. Himalayan Salt

 Raw pink Himalayan sea salt in a bowl.

Another incredibly versatile and multi-purpose product you should have in your house in 2016; Himalayan salt. Use it to season your food, balance your pH levels, and even purify the air. Check out these a Himalayan salt lamps!

And there you have it! To browse even more great wellness products, see our featured Health & Wellness: Bring on 2016 Yroo collection.

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Happy (and Healthy) Shopping!